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Thread: Help I Need A File For This Program

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    Hi everyone i am new to the forum . I was hoping to find some help here. i recentley downloaded microsoft publisher 2002 xp. i am using the software for some post cards and brochures i am creating, the program had been a lot of help. but there is one problem i am missing a file called. pub. msi this file has some files that publisher needs in order to install some designs that i need for my project. can someone tell me how i can get this or if someone has publisher that works absolutley well. i am doing a very important project and i dont't have the cash to go and buy a brand new software. can someone please, please help me out.. Please
    Thanks all.


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    try asking this or making a request in softwareworld someone might be able to send u the file

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    Try doing a search for the file 'pub.msi' on K-Lite.

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    Thanks guys, i already put this message in the softwareworld. lets see if someone gets back to me. i already looked for the file that i need in in kazza lite but no results . thanks anyway it's nice to know you guys cared about my subject thanks.

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    I have and use ms pub xp and have searched for your file but found no results. are you certain of the file name in question?

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    yes i am sure of the name. the reason i am sure is because i was trying to install some extras i guess and that's when a message poped-up saying that i had to insert the cd or direct the program to pub. msi because it needs that to install what i need. i as well looked for the file just like you did and no results. if you bought it then you should have that file if you downloaded it like i did then you won't find that file either.

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    if i bought it?? are you kidding. this is kazaa. we buy nothing. sorry i couldn't help further. i have not tried to install any extras so i have not come accross the file in question.

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    lol, your funny but yes you are right. but yeah if you try to install the extras i guess or use certain designs you will have that darn message pop up. but it's fine thanks any way to all.

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