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Thread: massive unrar volumes - cmd line queue etc.. help!

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    hi i've been looking for some way to get it easier to unrar all of my downloads, so i came to build a complex irc script to help me with that, here goes an example

    //var %folder1 = $?="timer 1 folder" | //var %folder2 = $?="file1" | /timer101 -o 1 300 //run "c:\program files\winrar\winrar" x " $+ %folder1 $+ \ $+ %file1 $+ " " $+ %folder1 $+ "

    what this code does is to ask for the path, and then asks the rar filename, after 310 seconds it starts extracting that volume to the "%folder1" path

    using a huge amount of variables i managed to extract up to 14 volumes , separated by 2000 seconds each one, however 2000 seconds doesn't help and most of the time my computer is doing nothing

    so i'm looking for a way to queue all of the volumes to unrar, so when one gets finished, he imediatly starts unraring the next one, however i believe this is only possible trough mirc scripting using a single command line, i've been looking on for a queue switch or something but nothing has worked so far, if anyone knows a way to do it, even if it doesnt use mirc script help please

    PS: only serious replys please

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    you could search for dldone.exe, which does just will use quickpar to check/repair any archive, then unrar it, and even delete the rar files for you

    if you cant find it, pm me
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    why not try perl instead of doing it through mirc? It is very easy to learn.


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