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Thread: want to open my own bittorrent site for 80s stuff

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    i have a bit of experience with web design, mainly html from a couple of years back

    looking at opening a tracker for 80s movies and music as there doesnt seem to be a tracker like that at the moment...
    so im wondering if i could get some help? help with stuff like what do i need to download? php stuff, tracker software, layout etc? is it anythin like setting up phpnuke? and also need webhost help aswell, im in the uk, and i understand i cant just go with any host, but i need a host that accepts most major uk debit cards like mestro/switch

    any help with all the above and whatever else i need and should know will be much appreciated

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    sear's Avatar Feeling Clamy BT Rep: +3
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    sorry I can't offer any help but I think you should go for it my wife would love a tracker like that

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    ya it is a good idea
    put cant help

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    double damn lol

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    I'd also look for an over seas host in a country that doesn't necessarily have laws against digital piracy, if you plan to have this site of your very long that is...

    First thing I can think of that you will need to know heavily is PHP. Your tracker will be written in it, and your board/forum/torrent search engine will be too. I'd suggest getting a php app like some forum software, and experimenting with that before trying to run a site fluently.

    Then take into account bandwidth, costs and usage. Just a simple 10MBit connection won't do the trick...

    That's all I've got for now... Too tired to think.

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    Its trouble you know and yeah you gotta consider money because its going to take a lot of bandwith.
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    Dedalus^'s Avatar The Truth is Out BT Rep: +3
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    I did a quick search and here's what i found:
    BNBT is a complete port of the original Python BitTorrent tracker to C++.

    This area is for assistance with all types of BitTorrent tracker software, such as installing and customizing PHP trackers, BNBT/Easytracker support, and any technical matters related to running a tracker.

    You have to register for an account there, to access the section, but I think that's a good place to start.

    Just so you know, it's probably very difficult to host your own tracker.. due to cheating, hacking, bandwidth, legalities etc.

    And I do believe many music trackers carry very old songs as well as more recent additions. You'll probably find everything you'll need on OINK or Demonoid. Also, if speed's not a factor, you can probably find most of the 80's music on public trackers.

    And there are classic movie trackers, such as, that carry many hard to find films.

    But good luck with your site!

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    duynghia's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +2
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    Almost private trackers use TB Source, it's open-source PHP web application, it mean that you can download & modify if you like and it does not require as much as knownledge as many people think, just follow a guild included. You also find out a good server that offer PHP, MySQL database, and of course, a domain that point to that server.

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    Sounds like a great idea, I hope you can get it up and running, you can't beat a bit of 80's.


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