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Thread: X Men 2 File Size Plzzzzzzzzzzz

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    think someone asked like 20 times on that x-man topic and no1 is being that kind to answer him and rest of of who do not know it so do it here please

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    Hi I have been try tio get X Men 2 too I have found what I hope will be the file on Bit Torrent…
    The Bit Torrent file sizes are;
    CD1 eso-x2.a BIN Image 633,541
    CD2 eso-x2.b BIN Image 638,601

    But it’s taking way to long 70 hrs at the start an 5kbs a second not good... ...
    Is any one sharing it on KaZaA please post a hash…

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    what da heck is bit torrent ?
    Kazaa man , It must be here too, wright ?

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    i got those same files up on kazaa to download, however i only got like 2 ppl downlaoding them

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    sorry I forgot : thanks for the file size/name

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    so could anybody post the hashes?

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    shit people stop being stupid dumbfucks! look at the verified hashes forum and go to the xmen 2 thread!

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