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Thread: Dvd rippin speed

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    I have a nec nv3520 and when i rip a dvd to the harddisk it only reads at max about 3.5x and usually 2,7x.
    My brother has a nec dv3540 or is it 3550. His dvd rips at max 5 at least.
    I now they are two different models but i suspect that the only difference is the firmvare.
    My question is how can i speed up the rip speed with software or likes.

    p.s. i have the lates firmware and i used the same dvd movie with my brothers dvd recorder.

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    Try one of the modified firmwares.

    The "fast" option is what you are looking for, but that's also included in the RPC1 versions.

    2U5, 307, 307bt and 3f3 seem to use the latest recording strategies, so I recommend you go for one of those.
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    Some drive makers have purposely slowed down reading speed of DVDs. The firmware option should help. This site is another firmware site:

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    Great guys, i'll give it a try.

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    Yes... They say that the reason they slow down the reading is because they want to keep the drives quiet. I see other motives.

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    I used the mod: firmware for nec and now i get max read speed at almost 7x, thats just fantastic. Before i barely got 4.5x max.
    Thanks to all the guys who make good things even better.


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