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Thread: Headset issue

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    Well this might sound a bit stupid but I just got some plantronics dsp 500's and they came without software and I can't find any drivers anywhere for them when I plug them directly in to a usb port I get the new hardware msg and try to install them but it cannot find the necessary software to install I need help

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    Downloaded it and it doesn't recognize my headset when I plug it into any of my 8 usb ports.

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    Ok so I've figured out my problem apparently dell put some of my USB drivers that I need into the wrong folders when assembling my machine, I'm missing the following, If anyone knows where to look to find these or where I can download them from because I can't find my windows cd, please let me know.

    HID Compliant Consumer Control Device
    USB Human Interface
    USB Audio Device

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    You can try and see if they have it there.

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    I once copied the i386 folder from an sp2 file to cd and it had alot of drivers on it and came in handy in a pinch.

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    Still having no luck and my current headset just died so i'm fucked unless I can get these to work any more suggestions fellas?

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    if your into that whole pain thing you can call tech support


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