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Thread: Adobe Indesign Cs error 1311

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    good evening, i'm trying to install Adobe Indesign cs 4.0, indesign cs2, etc...In each one i get the error 1311 not found, verify it exist.....How do I verify it exist??? i'm using xp, with most progs. if a file is missing it allows u to search for it, but in the indesign installation all i can do is retry or cancel. i've turned off my virus software, firewall, luck. I've downloaded about 3 or 4 different versions of Indesign, with the same problem. Can someone please help me or send me a private message to assist in this problem, thanks greatly

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    This is from adobe's site. Try extracting all files to the desktop (if it's on a cd) and running setup from there.


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