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Thread: AZ help, how to get one file from huge torrent?

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    hey, i used to use Bitlord and in there you can unselect some of the files if you only need say 1 song off of the torrent. i just switched over to AZ and cant figure out how to do it here. is there any way to unselect some of the files and just download some of the torrent?


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    u sure can, when ur asked where to save the files u can choose which ones you want

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    if you mean when it offers you "open", "save" or "cancel"... all i can do is save the torrent or open the torrent. im lookin to do like on bit lord when you click open and it asks you where you wanna save it and you can pick the songs you want. maybe my AZ is fuct up, because when i click open it goes right to AZ and starts...


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