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Thread: download stops at 99%

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    I am using BitComet. I have been downloading a file for some days and now when it reached 99% it is always showing downloading status but not completing......?

    anyone know how to get around it
    Crazy about filesharing

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    Is there any seeders?

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    It's just one of those things not much you can do to fix it (as far as I know) torrents just sometimes fuck up. It's only happened to me once out of thousands of torrents so I wouldn't worry about it. see if the file works anyway thats what I did and it was sweet

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    If there are no seeders lefet it will be very hard to finnish you may aswell stop and try something else. just one of them things like sear said

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    I've tried stopping it and restarting. Sometimes it works.

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    See if you can find the same file (same release) elsewhere with seeders and finish it off there.

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    stop, force a re-check and try again, it will get 100% eventually.. :p


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