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Thread: Nintendo Wii ~ Full System Info!

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    The Wii Hardware

    - Nintendo Wii’s ‘Broadway’ CPU operates at 729MHZ with a maximum bandwith of 1.9gbyte/sec.
    - Nintendo Wii’s ‘HollyWood’ GPU is clocked at 243MHZ, the internal memory of it includes 3mb of embedded graphics memory and 24megabytes of high speed main memory.
    - 64megabytes of GDDR3 (MEM2) as the external main memory. Just like the internal memory, it can be accessed from the CPU and GPU with a maximum bandwidth of 4gbytes/sec and can also store programs in the MEM2.
    - The GPU of the Wii is identical to the GC’s but it is on average 1.5X faster.

    Wii's Optical Disc Drive

    - Opitcal Disc Drive (ODD) supports single and dual layer Wii disks, discs eject with software or button and the maximum read speed is the equivalent of DVDx6.
    - Two main disc types supported the single sided 12cm single sided 4.7gb and the double sided 8.51 GB. Nintendo GC discs also supported. Some of the capacity of the discs are used by the system and games can not use full disc space.
    - Inserting a disc will start the Wii console, even if it was already in an off state. Pressing the eject button will change the console to an on state to take out the disc also.

    General Overview

    - An optional wired LAN adapter that connects to a USB port is in the pipeline for users who do not possess a wireless LAN set-up currently.
    - Internal non-removable 512MB flash memory used to storage game save data and downloadable content thus eliminating the need for a memory card.
    - Both Wii discs and Gamecube discs can be played via an intelligent mode swap. When running in GC mode, the Wii’s CPU and GPU will lower to the respective speeds of the GC and some of the MEM2 functions as ARAM.
    - Software development environment is an upgrade to the ‘Dolphin SDK’ used with the GC; the same libraries are used so developers can get up to scratch easily as well as the possibility of ports being easier.
    - The following interfaces are included with the Wii; SD card slot, Wireless controller, two USB 2.0 ports, wireless LAN, 4x GC controller ports, 2x GC memory card slots and an AV multi output jack (only an analog jack).
    - Supports Wii disks (one sided 12cm) and GC discs (one sided 8cm) and console auto switches depends on what disk is inserted
    - More than just the Nunchaku is planned as an extension. GC peripherals such as DK bongos can be used in both Wii and GC modes.
    - Three power status, on, off and unplugged. To prevent mistaken turn offs, the power button must be held for about a second.

    The Wii Control System

    - The Wii controller features; Direct Pointing Device, Three axis accelerometer, Wii power button (remotely turn console on/off), buttons, wireless connectivity, indicator LED’s, rumble, battery powered (two AA alkaline batteries) and ability to connect extension unit.
    - The Wii controller supports three types of operations; by itself, with a nunchuk extension or with a classic controller. Classic controllers will ship to developers during August 2006.
    - The SYNCHRO button on the Wii controller exchanges wireless ID numbers when pressed at the same time as SYNCRHO on the Wii console. Wireless communications are only possible with consoles which have been authenticated.
    - The rumble motor can be turned on and off and the intensity can be changed.
    - The Wii remote has a pointer for fine movements as well as a motion sensor +/- 3.4G suitable for larger body movements, the nunchuk attachment has a sensor of +/- 2G
    - The sensor bar must be placed above or below a TV set, the pointer measures coordinates between the ends of the bar which are about 20cm apart.
    - The Wii remote has four status, disconnected, communicating, establishing connection and pairing wait status.
    - The pointer can measure co-ordinates within bounds of rectangle centered upon the sensor bar, thus it can also measure points beyond the screen. It also responds to strong light sources, windows, fluorescent lamps, fireplaces, mirrors etc.
    - Due to players hands shaking while holding the controller, a ring buffer allows a precise direction to be created to hold and average accelerator samples.

    Broadway CPU

    Broadway is Wii's CPU. Broadway functionality and specifications are as follows.

    • Operating speed: 729 MHz
    • Bus to main memory: 243 MHz, 64 bits (maximum bandwidth: 1.9 gigabytes/sec)
    • 32-kilobyte 8-way set-associative L1 instruction cache
    • 32-kilobyte 8-way set-associative L1 data cache (can set up 16-kilobyte data scratch pad)
    • Superscalar microprocessor with six execution units (floating-point unit, branching unit, system regis
    ter unit, load/store unit, two integer units)
    • DMA unit (15-entry DMA request queue) used by 16-kilobyte data scratch pad
    • Write-gather buffer for writing graphics command lists to the graphics chip
    • Onboard 256-kilobyte 2-way set-associative L2 integrated cache
    • Two, 32-bit integer units (IU)
    • One floating point unit (FPU) (supports single precision (32-bit) and double precision (64-bit))
    • The FPU supports paired single floating point (FP/PS)
    • The FPU supports paired single multiply add (ps_madd). Most FP/PS instructions can be issued in
    each cycle and completed in three cycles.
    • Fixed-point to floating-point conversion can be performed at the same time as FPU register load and
    store, with no loss in performance.
    • The branch unit supports static branch prediction and dynamic branch prediction.
    • When an instruction is stalled on data, the next instruction can be issued and executed. All instructions
    maintain program logic and will complete in the correct program order.
    • Supports three L2 cache fetch modes: 32-Byte, 64-Byte, and 128-Byte.
    • Supports these bus pipeline depth levels: level 2, level 3, and level 4.
    Reference Information: Broadway is upward compatible with Nintendo GameCube’s CPU (Gekko).

    Hollywood GPU

    Hollywood is a system LSI composed of a GPU and internal main memory (MEM1). Hollywood is clocked at 243 MHz. Its internal memory consists of 3 megabytes of embedded graphics memory and 24 megabytes of high speed main memory.

    Hollywood includes the following.
    • Graphics processing unit (with 3 megabytes of eDRAM)
    • Audio DSP
    • I/O Bridge
    • 24 megabytes of internal main memory
    • Internal main memory operates at 486 MHz.
    Maximum bandwidth between Hollywood and internal main memory: 3.9 gigabytes per second
    • Possible to locate a program here
    Reference Information: Hollywood is similar to Nintendo GameCube’s Flipper and Splash components.

    External Main Memory (MEM2)

    Wii uses 64 megabytes of GDDR3 (MEM2) as external main memory. Like internal main memory, MEM2 can be accessed directly from Broadway and the GPU at high speed and has a peak bandwidth of 4 gigabytes/sec. Programs can also be placed in MEM2.

    Reference Information: Nintendo GameCube ARAM is used as auxiliary memory for the DSP. The CPU and GPU did not have direct access to it.

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    Someones a "Wii" crazy! haha...yeah that was but really, good summary nice find

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    Quote Originally Posted by suprafreak6 View Post
    Someones a "Wii" crazy! haha...yeah that was but really, good summary nice find
    Just a Wii little bit

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    in a plane, high as fuck
    How does this compare to other systems performance wise...Dosnt the 360 run at 3.2ghz?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smith View Post
    How does this compare to other systems performance wise...Dosnt the 360 run at 3.2ghz?
    forget about the hz. hertz comparisons between two completely different processors doesn't really tell you anything, because every processor has a different level of efficiency (work accomplished vs hertz spent).

    anyway, how does the Wii compare:

    + cool controller
    + old-school ROMs/emulators
    + low retail price for the console
    + franchise/mascot characters (Mario/Zelda/Metroid/Kirby/Starfox/etc)

    - it's a gamecube, it's a gamecube, it uses suped-up gamecube guts, it's a gamecube
    - graphics not as "good" (detailed/complex) as X360 & PS3
    - third party support (i.e. games not created in-house by Nintendo) will prolly not be very strong
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    Yes, I'll be the first to admit, that the graphics of the Wii will prolly not stand up to the 360 & PS3, but I'll also be the first to say, GRAPHICS AREN'T EVERYTHING!


    Quote Originally Posted by MaxConsole
    *Update* - The dev mailed us and said he was shocked to see all these cries of 'fake', so he provided some more info to show he's not bluffing...
    More info above ^
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    Graphics Arnt everything but they sure are nice, they dont have to be realistic but good enough. Gameplay is wat im all i look at. Sound is nothing for me but recently i found its better with sound. And that sound on the controller will be pretty cool.

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    Gameplay is the whole point of Wii since its not your everyday controller and the games require movement... somewhat.

    I just can't wait for a star wars game to come out so I can swing that wiimote around and feel like t3h pro with an imaginary saber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiranai_Baka View Post

    I just can't wait for a star wars game to come out so I can swing that wiimote around and feel like t3h pro with an imaginary saber.
    i never thought of that....that gets me a little excited for the wii

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    If graphics aren't everything...what's the point of the new system?

    As far as I'm concerned:

    Old school roms are nothing new
    The new controller could have been on the GC

    Basically the Wii is nothing more than a smaller box, with internet access, and new controller.

    Don't get me wrong. Good games are games but right now I'm stoked about M$'s upcoming games more than the Wii. Even the PS3 is looking good.

    The GC was already a waste. My library of bought games was paltry in comparision to even my Xbox. I don't want to reup on a console for $250 (or even $200) based on what the Wii has to offer. Playing a newer fun Mario/Metroid game with a new fangled controller isn't enough.

    The Wii is just a case of Fresh and New Syndrome.
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