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Thread: Trouble Seeding

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    I'm a member at TorrentLeech, and I can download fine, but the file will not upload while downloading, or even while seeding. Do I have some setting on that is interfering, or is it maybe too few peers, with so many seeders, for it to get a connection. Please help, I need to maintain my ratio. My client is uTorrent 1.6. Thanks.

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    i don't know bro. I don't have any problem u/ling as i d/l, or seeding once i'm done. Although, I do d/l stuff that has lots of leechers....mainly dvd-r new releases. Those are always popular, thus i have no problem u/ling. If you're d/ling stuff that has few leechers...then your problem is obvious. If you're d/ling stuff that has a ton of leechers....then your problem is with your client. Try azeurus if it's the latter!

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    Is this just today or always? cuz if it's just today the site is having some problem at the moment

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    If you're uploading files that have phew peers you'll have problems. I don't know your upload speed but peers try always to connect to fast seeds.

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    What is your upload speed?
    You shouldn't have trouble maintaining a ratio @ TL, if you download a 0day or something just uploaded once in a while.... those always have enough leechers for you to get at least 2:1 if you wanted.


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