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    kazaa gold sell kazaa lite and dietk together. they ask $10 for the normal version and $30 for the premium version. tons of people buy eatch day kazaa gold. this realy crasy and so i came on the iedoo to share a message on kazaa to tell evryboddy its scam. together whit a frend i have created it and gave it some beutiful names
    but as more people share it as faster the world will know it. so you can download the "kazaa gold warning files" on the next adres: kazaa gold stop pack 1.0. just unzip that zip in "my shared folder".
    thanks for help us stopping kazaa gold's scam

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    I admire your attempts to keep k-lite free , but i rememebr with the original kazaa back on version about 1.4 another company did exactly the same thing and was (to my knowledge) never stopped .

    I suppose sending chain mail out with the warning in the subject would be one way to spread the news , but other than that you'll need money to advertise .

    Anyway , good luck and all

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    Everything is free one way or another online!
    sometimes it's legally free to get


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