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    i downloaded diablo 2 LOD will i be able to play online with it?

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    u said that u have downloaded so why dont u install and check it

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    i said if i downloaded

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    No you didnt

    i downloaded diablo 2 LOD will i be able to play online with it?
    please check your posts before making a statement

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    The word "if" is in the subject line. I just wish he would have also included "Diablo 2" in the subject. Then I wouldn't have wasted my time reading this topic, because I don't know the answer.

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    Originally posted by p2pmaster@4 May 2003 - 14:37
    i downloaded diablo 2 LOD will i be able to play online with it?

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    The answer is NO .. simply because you'd need to get a valid cd key that isn't being used presently and wasn't banned. Also, if the cd you download doesn't have the protections the original has (and yes it has a couple) then if the installer/reader tries to access those parts on the cd (which can't be seen through a cd view without going binary on it) you won't be able to use it online. If you had a cd key that was valid and working from one of your friends you could get it working. But in that case why would you download the game when you could just burrow it right?

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    OK thx for the help

    and im sorry for getting u all in a STRESS


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