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Thread: Something Weird About Some Users

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    I usually scan people's files when they upload from me to give me ideas for my own downloads (my collection is beginning to get huge).
    I've noticed something really weird about certain users.
    some of them under different names own exactly the same files, a hundred of small files such as cracks and softwares.
    I've been noticing this for quite a few months now at least once a day and I don't believe I could have the same user uploading from me everyday.
    I don't know if I'm being paranoid but these files are small enough to be viruses or trojans ..
    at the beginning I thought those people were keeping in their shared folder "legal" stuff and hide the rest but now, knowing they own exactly the same files I really wonder who they are?
    Is it a new tactic of the RIAA staff?...a sect? (lol)
    If anyone's got an idea...

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    There's a virus out there designed specifically for Kazaa (can't remember the name, bit it is VERY common) that puts a long list of cracks, keygens etc. into your "My Shared Folder". They are all viruses, so don't download any.

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    Kazaa isn't recommend for cracks or seriels, lots of viruses on this network. Could very possibly be RIAA/MPAA, but I doubt it. More likely just a user with little to share.
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    I don't think so jibbler since it's not only one user but quite a lot of them with just the same list
    could be this virus skillian talked about
    at first I did not really take care but what alarmed me what they all had the matrix screensaver and only this one.
    after taking a better look, I saw the lists were identical.

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    I think I used to have what you are talking about, it's a worm, if you open it it will get into your kazaa and make 40 copies of itself all entitled differently and when you try to delete it it will keep coming back up it is also not stored in my shared folder it goes to some obscure folder which already has lots of legit stuff in it which is already in your comp, so you have to take all that legit stuff create a new folder and put all that in this and then delete the whole old folder (with the crap in) and then rename your new folder with all your old stuff in it to what the old folder was called, it's all very complicated and I assume many users do not know how to delete it.

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    thanks for the precision
    does norton stop it?

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    I don't think so but DO NOT download any software with artist [SN] and description now this is some nice stuff :-)
    I also think they are all 40kb.
    This is the worm that will annoy you.

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    This is the link to follow if you want more info on the KaZaA virus

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    Yup, I got nailed with this, and posted HERE about it. Though McAfee picked it up, it stil took awhile to clean it up. The folder that the one I got shared a folder named sCache, which is created in c:/windows/system, it alters the registry to add the folder and creates numerous files of bs within. This may be only one of many versions of the like. I no longer get any .exe from KL, since the file that got me had 774 sources (wow), there are just way too many malicious files. I think that software companies may be responsible for this. I have been wondering that out of the billion files, how many are bs.


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