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    i have the win xp pro.iso on my desktop. when i say burn with image file with nero, the .iso doesnt show up in the list. i heard if i extract the iso using isobuster and burn the folder, it wont create a cd label. which seems to be true becuase the cd i have that burned the folder with all the contents in it at the blue screen says: enter cd labeled win xp pro.. but the cd is already entered, and nothing happens. im just wondering does it matter if i burn it by doing an image file, or can i just select all files and just burn the iso

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    Did you download the file from kazaa? if you did,extraxt the image to a folder and burn files to cd. the kazaa iso if burn to cd is not bootable. must save file on hd and install it from there(other partition than c

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    Go check out this site. It's Commandline but if you do it EXACTLY the way he says it works great. It's a Windows hack of Linux cdrecord and I've burnt dozens of bootable XP and 2000 CDs with it.


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