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Thread: private peer to peer

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    Is there a way to have a private peer to peer connection with someone? In other words, I have some files I want a friend to download, but I dont want to be available to the general public. Can I achieve this through any of the readily available systems (Limewire or bittorrent etc)? Thanks in advance.

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    If you want peer to peer then just use a simple FTP program or log into AIM, ICQ, or Yahoo and send a transfer. Otherwise I am sure somebody else (veteran) can tell you how to set something up but doesn't seem worth the trouble when these other options are readily available.

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    Very true. Just use an IM program like messenger. It's no hassle.

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    Thanks good suggestions. I tend to avoid those "chat" programs but I guess they are good for file transfer. I'll give it a shot.

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    FTP is the best's like being in a lan...forget the chat client..they are ment to chat not send files...of course if you want to send one file or something it's better to use ims because it's easier just drag and drop...but if you're looking for a steady connection between you and your friend FTP is the wasn't named file transfer protocol for nothing

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    i think there is the best way its a new way to use the very big email account like 30gigs or even gmail you can use mail2peer try it

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    Yes just use messenger services like yahoo, msn, skype and google.

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    Are u guys from yesterday, why nobody mentioned soulseek(slsk), one of first p2p.
    At soulseek u decide with who u share or who views u.
    U can find or make private servers at many server based sharing programs.

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    just set up a FTP server, yu can create accounts and even use a ratio system if you want

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