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Thread: ACID LOUNGE - forbidden error 403

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    is anyone else getting the bullocks before i usd to get site is temporarily down come back later now i just get this crap

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    j0hn's Avatar leet poster BT Rep: +1
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    Jul 2005
    yes, its offline while the changes are being made

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0hn View Post
    yes, its offline while the changes are being made
    oh ok got a bit worried as i had a good ratio on there, well for me it was good any way

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    thats what the new site will look like but that isnt the url!

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    FreeDoom's Avatar Obsessed By Cruelty
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    Yep i notested that some days ago. Not to worry, they're workin on it

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    wow! their new design looks awsome!

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    TimeRavine's Avatar Time's Ravine BT Rep: +3
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    It does look better than the old one.

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    The site will be back sometime this weekend and it will be the .org address. The .net address is just used for testing.


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