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Thread: Championship Manager 4. Help Me Install It Please.

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    I downloaded the file of CM4 which is 287MB. I was told I needed ISO buster so I downloaded that. I extacted all the files using ISObuster to my harddrive. I started to install it but when it reached about 23% complete it came up with an error. (Error 1335. The cabinet file "" is corrupt and can not be used. This could indicate a network error, and error reading from th cd-rom, or a problem with this package.)
    Do I need to get another program to change this file or is it just not going to work.

    Please help me.

    Just to clarifie that the download is real I got the link off of Verified Downloads on the main k-lite front page.

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    Mine had the same problem but all you have to do is a minimum or custom install without stadium pics, should run ok after that.

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    Ye same happens wit me
    I click 'setup' an half way through a message cums up sayin ' needs to be updated. Please install a newer windows service then start setup again'
    Or summin like that, n e help?


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