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Thread: Lithuanian material

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    I'd really appreciate it if someone told me where I could get somethings with Lithuanian in them. Like language programs, t.v. shows, games, I don't really care much about what type as long as its not porn or highly technical stuff. I mean really appreciate it. Even if it requires invites or even if its closed to new members, I'd appreciate any help. Yes, I know this is quite obscure but I have a special need for them.

    All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. I'm thankful for whatever assistance you guys may provide. I'm also aware that what I'm asking for may not exist. When I used to be on bitme I noticed only one torrent on Lithuanian. I've gotten a few rare ones here and there but it would be very nice and helpful if there was a place for things like that

    I'll cross my fingers and hope that someone can provide me with a miracle


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    I dont think wheres a lot in our language, maybe you can find sth in our best torrent tracker.. I cant promise you something special pm me if you want to know what site it is ..

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    I'm thankful for any help you can provide ^ ^ I've pm'ed you. If there are any other suggestions I'm willing to hear them


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    I have accsess to some Lihuanian material. What you need acctually? I will try to find it and resend you trough public trackers.


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