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Thread: Dying Hair

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    Ha what a joke , if one can read a recipe you can dye hair . Ooops .

    I offered to help the wife dye her hair tonite , the mudder-inlaw offered to come over and do it I said no I'll help honey . Leave that old bitch at home I'm thinking . Hey its easy but should 'nt the carpets match the drapes ?

    Oh its red by the way .think it will look very noice , if you where wondering .

    Wow you have to leave it in that loooong ? i was going to post a pic but sweety is very shy . Looks nice tho , she was pretty before tho .
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    m'kay then chief.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peat moss View Post
    i was going to post a pic but
    Of the drapes....or the carpet.....?
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    That would explain the shyness


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