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Thread: Ideal number of connections?

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    Hey All,
    I connected to the NTL servers and set my newsleecher number of connections to 99, and they all connected. I was getting about 800k/second on a 10mbit connection.

    Whats the ideal number of connections though, I see some places have an 8 or 10 connection limit, would it be better to use these figures or is it always "more is better"?


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    I use 10 on giganews, and I think that there is no point in having as much as 99, but if it works then it's nice hehe.

    I get more speed on 10 than on 3 but I think that is just because the news program has to log in and retrieve several parts of the file all the time. When it does that, it does not use much bandwith when logging in, so then it's better having another thread downloading at the same time to use the available bandwith.

    Dunno know if it is 100% correct but that is how I think it works.

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    For me it's best to use as least as possible, ie. as many as you need until you get your full download speed.
    It may not be true for most but what i've found is the more connections I have the more priority newsleecher gets above other programs for connection usage.
    For example when I use other p2p apps or download from the web newsleecher slows down and lets other apps have more speed than it, and this doesnt work with a lot of connections.
    Maybe i'm just crazy.

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    for me 8 is ideal as it maxes my connection and i am also on ntl.

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    Each connection sends as well as receives data so the more you send, the less bandwidth there is to receive.

    Start with two and increase until your bandwidth is maxed out.
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