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Thread: King or Queen Lurker

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    Thought about this for quite awhile the forum has many prolific posters some in excess of 10000 posts.Personally it seems to be taking me forever to reach the humble 1000 mark .I was just wondering who the oldest active member was that had the fewest posts.Seems to be Teena to me with a Last Activity: 07-17-2006 and only 38 post.... join date 08-08-2002
    Am I right is Teena the Queen luker (not being derogatory)
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    Mr JP Fugley's Avatar Frog Shoulder BT Rep: +4
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    Your statstics certainly seem to add up. I for one am willing to accept the conclusion you have drawn from them.
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    i think MaNkEr is the queen, as for the lurker i vote TheSlave.


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