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Thread: Anime Webstie

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    I want the best anime torrent website invite. THE BEST. I'm talking speeds above 600 kb/s on a majority, if any, every torrent file.

    For offer...I have an Invite to almost every torrent site but an excess on:

    Torrent leech
    OinK (sigh..too many)

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    Im not sure about the best but usually has everything for most people. Just dont get too sad becasue of the speeds although they are ok about 200-300KB/s max for me on a popular torrent.
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    I don't know of many privte ones and tbh i don't see any private ones picking up because the anime scene is too spread out. But all anime that exists in video form is listed at you can find groups websites and torrent locals via anidb.
    all new released listed at
    lots of stuff listed here:
    lots of stuff listed here too including albums:
    various items found here including games:


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