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Thread: free webhost for 80s bittorrent site?

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    ok i had a torrent site once that was hosted by a freind, but i aint seen him in a while and the website/hosting etc seems to be dead at the moment

    looking for a free webhost if possible, for my bittorrent site called which specializes in 80s torrents, mainly for 80s movies

    wondering if there are any free webhosts out there for me? ive been looking at the blogtorrent software as most the torrents that will be uploaded will be from external sources/trackers until 80szone grows bigger etc

    can anyone help? and if not, any advice on selling the domain lol

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    A torrent site on a free webhost? Nah man, don't do that. Pay for something and you'll get a great service. In a free host you will get limited bandwith whereas in paid you can look for unlimited ones and they are reliable aswell.
    Selling the can list it up on Sedo.


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