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    i downloaded BF1942, downloaded a CD key

    BF1942 installed and works without any errors, i can play the single player no problem

    but on the multiplayer, it keeps saying "Invalid CD Key!" im not stupid, i know that i cant play online because i never actually bought the game

    then my friend suggested something to me: by the expansion pack, Road to Rome, and use the CD key from that, so i just play the expansion

    so today i went out and bought Road to Rome, but it still says invalid CD key!! i have no idea why

    maybe i typed it in wrong. so i uninstalled it and re-installed it. same thing

    i double checked the CD key, and i typed it in right

    so now i think maybe the game checks CD keys for both the original and the that right?

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    Generally the expansion CD-keys don't overwrite the original game ones for playing online. They're just a security measure.

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    how easy do u think there gonna make it?

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    my friend who downlaods alot of online games uses "no cdkey cracks" it bypasses the serial screen and lets him play online

    you should try finding one for battlefield

    but i have some advice for you:

    go buy this game

    it really is AWESOME

    it didnt win game of the year,multiplayer of the year,online game of the year for nothing, this is the sort of game you buy on original so it works fine and patches up ok etc

    you wont be dissapointed

    fuck Derby County


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