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Thread: ''EarthCore'' (Scott Sigler)

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    Has anyone else read this book?
    I just finished reading it a few days ago and I thought it was great,
    so if yoy are looking for something good to read, I recomend this book;
    or you could also get the 'podio-book'.

    This autor also has a couple more books after earthcore wich look interesting too,
    and even more his latest one: Ancestor,
    it's next on my list, (next to Desperation).

    Scott Sigler's website earthcore website
    podiobooks (current host to Sogler's books in podcast format)

    So, give it a try.


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    Scott's work is Awesome! I'm just finishing his latest "podio-book" "The Rookie"
    Great stuff!

    BTW "Ancestor" was just put out in print on Amazon. And Scott put the book out as a free pdf on his site.


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