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Thread: Chopper

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    Has anyone seen it?

    eric (marc, ehem) Bana (black hawk down) stars.

    Worth a look

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    dont u mean eric bana?

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    i stand corrected. I think ill cut my ears off

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    i stand corrected. I think ill cut my ears off!

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    Originally posted by Manny Calavera@4 May 2003 - 23:08
    Has anyone seen it?

    Marc Bana (black hawk down) stars.

    Worth a look

    One of my all time favourite films. ERIC BANA is amazing in this film, he IS Chopper!!

    It has great dialogue and loads of blood and guts. If you haven't read his books they're fantastic as well.

    You'll be quoting lines from this film for ages amongst your mates.

    Is there a verified for this??

    Check this for more details of the legend that is MARK BRANDON CHOPPER READ:

    Hope this helps.
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    hes right you know, yeah and man utd are twats!

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    Well im from australia and i watched the movie a laughed all the way though it I thought it was hillirous couldnt stop laughing

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    Ill code it in divx and share if someone explains hashes, images quotes and avatars for the lazy -_-

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    That'd be appreciated Manny. Unfortunately I'm crap at anything to do with bloody computers. I'm sure there must be a guide on one of the topics, try using the "keyword search" at the bottom of the screen. It may help a bit, if not I'm sure one of the other Forum users will know. There are some clever bastards out there!!

    Long live the Overcoat Gang!!!
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    i have that movie its great

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