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Thread: What Program To Use?

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    I need a cd recording program that will for example i have 3 gbs data to save but my discs only hold 700 mbs when the first disc is full it will ask me for another disc untill all my data is saved. I have nero and easy cd creator 6 but if they have that option i cant find it . Any Pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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    roxio has that option, all you do is fill the "creater classic" with all your data and it will give you the optoin

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    Since you have 3 gb, you can't put them in one cd. I think you should just compile all your data and save them to cds until they are all saved. This is only data correct?

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    I understand I cant put all of it on 1 disk great dude. I dont want to have to seperate 700 mbs at a time to save my files i just want to make 1 folder and and have the cd writting software ask for a disk untill all the files are saved to who knows how many disks.

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