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Thread: Active Virus Shield ~ KAV6 Lite FREE!

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    One year license limited but FREE rebadged KAV6

    Protect your PC from both known and unknown viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, and malware. Active Virus Shield's comprehensive antivirus protection installs quickly, works fast, always stays on, and updates automatically every hour. This software takes traditional virus-scanning methods and combines them with proactive technology to help detect and protect against malicious programs that can infect your PC and important files.
    Powered by Kaspersky, one of the largest anti-virus providers, worldwide. About 300 new viruses are created each month. Every computer needs to be protected.
    Real-time scanning and protection against virus threats. No cost, obligation, or AOL membership required. Advanced detection technology to help stop viruses and malware before they attack you.

    Promotion through AOL. No membership or BS registering required. Just an email address to get an activation code. One year license Its suggested to keep default settings. And don't check "Potentially dangerous software: remote access utilities, prank programs, jokes". Afaik this free version deletes never disinfects. Only suspicious files are added to quarantine, files deemed viruses, spyware, trojan horses, and malware are deleted. Also has a Trusted Zone. But with this TZ you can't ever remove something it if you've added it to exclusions by mistake.

    But damn it's FREE!!!

    PS: There is an opt out for the Internet Explorer toolbar.
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