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Thread: idiots at bitmetv accussed me of cheating, now worried

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    idiots at bitmetv accussed me of cheating, now worried because i heard sites that catch you cheating report you to other websites, and thanks to the prats at bitmetv they think i was cheating, ive been having trouble on a few sites where my ratio has had trouble updating for some reason, i use the latest utorrent though

    but how dare they accuse me of cheating when ive never done such a thing, and something i never plan to do as i respect the scene too much

    so im wondering, will the idiots at bitmetv report my ip or username to other torrent sites? im a member at a few other top sites and i know bitmetv is a top site that is respected (no longer respected by me though)


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    Same thing happened to my but on another place when I used Transmission for OS X. My ratio had turned from 1.28 to 1.28 million. I got banned but managed to pleed my case.

    As for them reporting your ip to other sites, I really have no clue but it seems a little over the top.

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    I invited some one to a site a while back and he got banned for cheating, because he has a weird beta of uTorrent which caused a glitch and made it look like he was cheating.
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    kev311084 - u were cheating or at least u should have noticed something wrong with your account - downloading for a week and your stats still show 0:0

    If you really weren't cheating intentionally you really should have noticed that your stats weren't updating and should have brought this issue to the attention of a staff member.

    As for your question about your ip - in your case i think not

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    I got accused of cheating when I was running temporarely both utorrent and Azureus from torrent transfering purposes. They think I was using something cald chu mod which I never even heard of.

    These mod makers and cheaters are making us the normale people pay dearly when we make a slight mistake as it makes it look like we are one of those a**holes that cheat all the time and never give back....

    Sorry I'm bitter from being banned from the greates site "for my needs" out there.

    I pleaded my case but being nerveuse I gave the wrong time table to a question and got kicked and banned from there IRC channel.

    My ex sysops are very annoyed by the cheaters and rightely so. but it pisses me off that I have to pay for it.

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    @kev311084: bummer for you if you weren't cheating I was gonna say you should plead your case with the mods via IRC...but the way you've been slagging them off prob not much hope there. better luck next time.

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    bitmetv faq

    "Please DON'T contact a mod+ via the forum, PM, IRC or e-mail to complain, question, apologize, suggest, explain, debate, ask, inquire, hint or ANYTHING else about a warning. This just takes up more of our time and the rules are really simple. We will just ignore these PM's."

    sorry man, i know how it feels

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    they are very hard @ bitme and bitmetv , i was locked for ratio @ bitme and never was let back even when i promised to bring my ratio to an ok limit after i upgraded my line ..

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    i got banned from one of my favorite sites for cheating cuz I left utorrent paused overnight by accident.. it sucks sometimes, but there's not much you can do.. I don't think you should be reported to other sites unless you're a repeat offender or you cause a big stink about being banned.

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    if ur ratio simply sucks, then no, u shouldnt be reported to other sites.
    if they know for 100% definate u used a cheat program, then yes, may u burn in hell for eternity, and be reported to every site imagineable.

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