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Thread: Youtube. . .?

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    I used to be able to download from youtube with the video grabber from firefox, but its not working now. It seems like youtube may have changed the way in which the video is streamed (through a different codec). I've tried Greasemonkey but that does not work either. Anyone have any idea's??
    Its only happened in the last few days I believe.

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    i want also download clips from youtube
    but i thing there no way to get files

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    i m using video downloader from firefox
    work fine so far

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    Firefox has been updated and sometimes it can break plugins like the video grabber.

    So I say use the check for updates in the plugins section on the toolbar and see if it needs updating to work along side the new Firefox or if there is no updates remove plugin and redownload it.

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    that website can usually help you if you can't do it another way.

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    keepvid works fine, but doesn't do anything else than reads the link, not like the youtube site was protected by something, all free, i always do it manualy.

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    i used to use keepvid but it stopped working for me [not sure about now]. These days i use video downloader. There is a firefox extension for this but i dont use it. I just go to the site itself >>

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    Download the VideoDownloader extension.

    KeepVid works the same way but VideoDownloader is just more convenient imo since it's an extension.

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    There is a software that asks you to insert the link and then downloads the file from Youtube. Can't remember the name.

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    I use VDownloader. It works great and converts the file to AVI as well

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