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Thread: Dungeon Keeper Ii Problem

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    i just downloaded Dungeon Keeper II (Dungeon Keeper 2 [ FULL GAME! ].exe) and it works fine but its in german. theres a way to set it in english but i dont know how.

    i went through the in-game options and didn't see anything about change the language so i dont know what to do.

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    I have the same problem, there are a couple of files after unzipping "DK2eng", that if you click , it asks if you want them added to the registry, i have done this but nothing hapened, must be something to do with it though....not much help i know...if you do get a solution pls post it.


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    there is also a file called "english.!!!!, obviously !!!! is not a file extension, if someone knows what this should be let us know.

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    ya, i saw those but i haven't messed with them since i knew they probably didn't do anything.

    i've tried messaging the people off kazaa who have it but i can never get a bloody message through.

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    What you do is either make the english directory provided the default directory and rename the german one. Or you just put all the english files into the default directory after removing the german ones. I did it so long ago that I forget exactly what I did, but it worked and is possible. I'm pretty sure its the first choice I gave you. Just rename the english folder to default or whatever the current german one is named and that should do it. Hey guys, if I could do it and I know nothing about how computers work, I'm sure you can do it.



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