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Thread: Top private tracker invite giveaways!

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    hello guys and gals

    if you want to join the latest tracker in town in 0-day releases (xvids, tvs, mp3s, apps, xxx) click H E R E and use one of the following codes:

    1) 89538cb10d9c410481a377dd60b95605
    2) 52a0abec6e161db93f4c3795761d291a
    3) 67821188cd474378334ad53dbdb0ad11
    4) 40c04db8524c0d1e87ed1966eecf48c2
    5) 459bda7aea998da6b2c12ed68ca3a7cb
    6) a80f0596e745f6685dc06b59a493c653
    7) 4a36669d9dd1580d686ed6374a375373
    8) 6307c0de9464f23a6b30518380f064bf
    9) 967c2ae04b169f07e7fa8fdfd110551e
    10) 41006dc68cb9e0161b2f79a8484bdd08
    11) 60d5fc099e8a806e1a598bd96682f217
    12) 5e19bbf54ab70e84f9720629a3059d23
    13) 2553dcccc10db73d338861987eb2ae35
    14) ca0a0d9ae9acb2a210da33a438c55a5a
    15) 7da9bafe64817e08c5bf5a045ca05c34

    pls let me know which number you have used, i'll edit my post and add more codes.

    have fun, and take care!
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    Hey !!!
    it's not nice to trick people like this 2 read u're thread.
    There are in the invite section I think something like 4-8 different threads who offer invites 2
    U just forgot 2 write that u're getting 1 Gig upload 4 every invite u give :-)

  3. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #3
    i'm not tricking, i'm spreading the wealth.. is that wrong?

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    we'll know soon by the other replys

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    Dude not exactly "wrong" just kinda cheesey. You should say what site you're inviting to.

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    if i say it, people will know in instance what site im talking about and seeing how many scr threads we receive in a day, i reckon i wont be able to offer invites that way. but please, in no way im intending to trick anyone, its up to their decision or not to accept my offers.

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    hello everyone.
    i have used this invite code: 67821188cd474378334ad53dbdb0ad11
    it says you will confirm my account phooart. please do that
    thanks very much.

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    u dont need the account confirmed
    its open for sign-ups

    personally, i recommend signing up, and not taking an invite.
    that way, if ur inviter gets banned for whatever reason, its not linked to u in anyway.
    some sites ban all invitees with the person they are banning.

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    i wonder if them anti-p2p hackers gave up in the end lol (the ones that hacked scr)

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