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    Could I create a second partition on my hard drive for storing music, then format the partition with my operating system on it, reinstall, take the music off of the second partition, and then remove the second partition and have all of my music intact with a clean hard drive?

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    It should work.
    Sounds like a fun project!
    Your only gonna reformat the first partition.
    The second partition should be fully protected.
    But glitches are glitches and I don't know that "paste type move right" stuff!
    Sounds interesting!

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    I never let my C partition be over 5 gig. Put nothing but exe's and system stuff and leave all your non-exec's (mp3,zip,avi's whatever). If you have to defrag or even whack your system it takes half the normal time. An XP complete reinstall is under 30 mins and the important stuff never gets touched.


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