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Thread: why are some uploaders annoymous

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    some uploaders hide their username when they upload i guess, but why do they?

    they upload as annoymous thus resulting in no reputation although i know bittorrent isnt a scene for reputation really

    but why do people do it?

    privacy, security?

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    I think they tried to keep their privacy...
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    various reasons.
    some ppl dont have a "my penis is bigger than ur penis" attitude, and really dont care for ppl knowing they did the uploading.

    also, if its a scene release, they'll need to keep their identity hidden, so they dont get scene banned for sharing to p2p (if they're connected to the scene that is).

    some sites automatically block out the name of the uploader too, as sites save details of who downloaded/uploaded all torrents, and the amount of data sent/received. if a server is seized by authorities, this can screw u over. they would especially want to prosecute the original uploader, so sometimes hiding that u uploaded the torrent is a good thing.
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    its like this, ppl connected to the scene dont want to be recognizes cuz they can be banned from there

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    thats what i just said, isnt it?

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    How cares i go there to download

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    On some sites like Bitme u will not be able to see the name of the user uploading till u reach PU status.

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    In a lighter Vein, maybe they don't want the Feds to come after them!


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