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Thread: Website Design Software

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    I need to make 3 websites for me and a couple friends, i have the time to learn how to use a program, but i don't know what software to use. If anyone can recommend a good website design program, that would be beautiful. If possible.....a program that is easy to use, if not i'll just have to learn the hard way. Any suggestions??

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    is it possible to just use frontpage to do everything?
    isn't coolpage a crappy program??

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    frontpage works ok, imo
    if you want to add flash, use studio mx

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    is there not one prog that does it all or am i just dreaming??

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    frontpage will do everything on a basic level
    if you want an all singing all dancing page you'll need to use more than one though
    try using frontpage and see what the limits are

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    Thanks man, i'm downloading frontpage now!! actually i'm gettin office xp 2002 with frontpage !!

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    np, it's quite a good package
    hope you get on well with it

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    What size is the program macromedia studio mx, i found 2 that lots of people have, but their sizes are drastically different. 1 of them is 140mb the other is 276mb. Does anyone know which is the right one ??

    nevermind, one of them is for windows xp , the other for windows 2000.

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    Ur better off using Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks MX. Dreamweaver for the coding and Fireworks for the graphics. FrontPage gives you a lot of unecessary MS code that it can make it difficult for you to clean up. Dreamweaver on the other has a simple interface and will allow you develop site much quicker. Besides Dreamweaver can handle a lot of server languages (ASP, Coldfusion, PHP etc...)

    My website was created using Dreamweaver. I used the PHP/MySQL server model. The link is B)

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    Yes Dreamweaver - absolutely. It is a simple interface and there are tutorials to get you started. Studio MX is a whole bunch of Macromedia programs for all different elements of web design and maintainence - but you have everything in Dreamweaver for a first site.


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