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Thread: Other Devices!

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    ok i recently installed winME from XP (i know , but comp isnt fast) and i have all those other unkown devices, is there anyway to find out which each one is and not have to go threw all my hardware ?


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    can you take a screen shot or list the devices names?

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    how do i post it? (i know how to do screen shots)

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    you'll have to upload the screenshots to a host server
    then just link to the pictures by entering the url in the post

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    does the host have to be online for indef?

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    for as long as you want to show the files
    look here for some free hosts:

    good luck

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    sorry nvm bout the unkown, some1 plz del this topic

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    ok i really need the help now, so what do you want me to post, the normal way or connect way?

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    the pic ok i narrowd it down to my ati wonder ve pci bus vers and now it cant seem to install all the drivers for it

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    have you tried downloading the drivers form ati's site itself?
    they might have the required drivers there
    failing that, contact ati via email and ask if they can help

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