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    Any limpbizkit fans out there. Anyone know why thier website is down. I know thier suppost to be updating into a new design soon. Anyone know what thier new album is accually called now? They've changed it 3 or 4 different times. Anyone like "just drop dead". I've had it on my mp3 player since they released it online and have been listening to it like thier first single.

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    I like it too, its catchy and a bit funny. B)
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    I love that song

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    I used to be a limp bizkit fan about 2 years ago, but after wes (i think thats his name...hmm long time ago..) broke out of the band nothing really new happened with bizkit for like a year.. and fred totally sold out, ALTHOUGH i totally love the fact how he supported napster and p2p when he had the free tour...

    good times

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    i can't stand wes and glad the band can still go #1 without because i'll bet that they go #1 on the charts again and they don't need wes to do it. wes was just jealous of the fame and i got to admit that limp can't make songs without a guitar player and wes was a damn good one but he can't expect himself to get more popular than he already is because since he's left limp bizkit, i havent heard of him since. seems they a got a new guitar player also and he's pretty good. and this album is gonna rock just as much as the last one.

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    hello im "lookn4durst" & have been 4 a long time i ve been a bizkit fan 4 ever the only problem i have is i cant find limpbizkit merchindise anywhere so if anyonen can help outlet me know


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