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Thread: Dedicated Server

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    Jul 2006
    I'm looking into getting a dedicated server to leech/seed torrents and i was just wondering if anyone knows of any good hosting companys with some good plans. Also would it be beneficial to get a server outside of the u.s. or would it not matter since i'll just be torrenting on it and not hosting any movies or software etc.

  2. File Sharing   -   #2 have cheap virtual linux servers with lots of bandwidth for the money. If you want a bit more $129/month for unmetered 100Mbps seems like a really good deal, windows or linux available. They are in the USA.

    I'd like to hear about server companys in country like china.
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    I would only get a dedicated server if you became an uploader and or had some friend that paid half of the money towards the server so you both can torrent so it works out cheaper for you....if you get it yourself and waste all that money then you might aswell go newsgroups personally or just stick with your home connection. I had a dedicated server for a while then i went newsgroups for like a month and now im back to home connection.
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    I suggest you read up on this over at as they have some good info and probably even people offering servers for rent.

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    I recommend I've got a RootDS Business there with 100MBit and unlimited Traffic for 25€.

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    i have one with leaseweb. it's a great provider. they're located in Amsterdam and have excellent service and uptime. they have some summer discounts at webhostingtalk valid until the end of the month starting with 80GB hdd, 2TB traffic, 100MB uplink for around $62 per month

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    I totally agree with DKre8ive1. webhostingtalk is really the best place to go.. I wouldnt recommend getting one of any site directly as you usually have to pay more. It's even good to send them an email and ask for a quote directly as they can sometimes give it to you discounted when they see a potential new customer

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    Hmm. dedicated Seeding boxes !! Never thought of that
    sounds interesting.

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    Nice !


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