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Thread: Barebone System

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    I am looking into purchasing a barebone system, and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good site to find at a fairly reasonable price. I was looking into getting a AMD Athlon 1800 or 2000. Thank you for any suggestions. :beerchug:

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    I've been looking into barebones systems lately, too. Here are two good sites I found...

    Let me know if you get one.

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    are you in the us or europe?
    if us, i hear newegg is good
    if europe, try eBuyer
    good luck

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    If buying online, I recommend

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    I HIGHLY recommend Ebuyer. And if you want to save another 50 quid buy each part seperately from ebuyer.
    hope this helps

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    here figured id throw in anouther site

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    I REALLY would recommend ebuyer cos 3 months ago i bought a pc of this spec:
    AMD athlon 2000xp
    Nforce 2 intergrated into mother board with sound,lan,and six usb ports
    plus keyboard,mouse
    for just over 350 quid.
    I looked bac the other day nd i can now get for about 270.

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    Thank you for all the sites guys the all seem to have great deals. Monkeyhead that souds like a great deal and that is pretty much the system I was looking into buying. :beerchug:


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