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Thread: Watching Movies

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    I have downloaded many movies, but I want to be able to watch them in my DVD player (stand alone) I have put them onto disks, but they will not play??? (My DVD player will read all formats) What do I have to do to make them work, and is there somewhere where I can find out about all the extensions after movie names?? eg. eso, TS in Kazaa???

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    you should be able to find help here.
    there are some guides for burning movies located there
    the tags after movie names are usually about who made the initial copy, they're not really important
    good luck
    welcome to the board

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    Wow, that was quick!! Thanks!!!!

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    np, nice to help
    hope you get on ok

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    lol.... he posts... 4 seconds later ... u reply with the help he needs = B)


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