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Thread: Best E-learning sites

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    Hi, I'm quite new to the torrent scence and particulary interested in e-learning stuff. I'm a member of and I heard that Leanrbits offers quite impressive collections also. Are there other sites that come close to the two? Thanks

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    duynghia's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +2
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    definitely, it's much better than

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    _invisible_'s Avatar The Invisible One
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    bitme is the best

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    spenz's Avatar Friendly guy BT Rep: +5
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    yeah i have elbitz,learnbits,bitspyder and others but i can still say bitme is the best elearning sites of them all. ^_^

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    Bitme definitely!

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    I agree with bitme, but didn't use much so lost account.
    So get most of stuff off demonoid.

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    Considering the contents, Bitme is the top
    My prefernce goes like this.

    To be honest, Bitspyder is my favourite e-learning tracker atm, just coz of their policy and the way they handle everything. They donot allow any craps that you can find in all similar trackers. They only handle e-learning stuffs and nothing else. Considering contents and activity, they are next to Bitme atm.

    Learnbits is continuosly getting hacked. they lost all the torrents atm. Some one deleted all their torrents TWICE this week !!! Thas horrible. Please, if someone finds him.. KILL EM !!!!

    You can also find many stuffs at demonoid too. but speed sucks sometime.

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    TimeRavine's Avatar Time's Ravine BT Rep: +3
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    I agree, Bitspyder has turned into a great site and fast becoming my favourite e-learning site

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    Man, you guys talk up, and I find out I can't get into that one either. I need to get on the bandwagon for some of these bittorrents before they close off...i'm getting $crewed.

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