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    i was wandering if anything has happened to them as i've read a few posts on here saying its a good site, was gonna try and signup so i went to the site a couple of days ago and it was just a white page with a irc channel link and then when i tried it today nothing comes up now apart from page cannot be displayed.

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    I guess it's down at the moment.

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    Hope this will help...
    As you might noticed, Swebits server has been down since last Saturday (12/8). The downtime was caused by a securityhole that had to be fixed. Once it was fixed, the server didn't work properly and it seems to be a mayor failure. phalcos will travel to Stockholm and PRQ tomorrow Tuesday (15/8) to hopefully fix the problem. We don't know when the server will be up and running again. Hopefully tomorrow evening.

    Please don't ask us when the server will be up. For the latest info, visit our IRC-channel: #Swebits @

    Thank you for your understanding.
    // Swebits Staff

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    10x 4 the info , Xsensei

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    Looks like its up ! Most of the old torrents have no seeds though.


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