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Thread: Windows Vista locks down keygen

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    I have been testing Vista for a couple of weeks now and downloaded a demo of PC Cillin 14 because that is one of the few antivirus progs that works with Vista. I tried to copy a keygen for PC Cillin from another pc on my network and Vista would not allow me to copy the file. I then copied the file to a floppy and Vista would not allow me to transfer the file from the floppy either. It said I didn't sufficient privleges. That's crap because I was logged on as the Administrator. Is this the future of Windows?!? built in recognition of key generators. Big brother is watching!!!!!

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    What if you rename it?
    I doubt it knows it's a keygen. Might depend on where you're copying to, I used to get that a lot too in beta 2.

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    Well.. Im Using Build 5472 FYI.. Vista is pananoid about file security.. It will infact check for permissions, unlike xp will with simple filesharing enabled. Double check the "Security" Tab for that file, and change the owner to yourself. Also you may want to enable compatibality mode for the program..

    BTW AVG's newest version also works for vista, but you now have to reboot for updates.. <Groan>

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