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Thread: Hi there Newbie here

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    I am a complete newbie to all this and wondered if i could beg some advice from anyone and a few step by steps if im not being too cheeky, i would like to download movies, but am not sure what i will need to do this ie, which site ect, ive heard that torrent leech and others are very good including Oink for music, on visiting these sites, i now know that you need an invite for some of them and thats not possible here, if you have never done this kind of thing before how to you get an invite??? beats me, anyway, was wondering if someone would take pity on me and point me in the right direction for movies and music. Many Thanks in advance.

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    ooops sorry ive just re-read the stickies and it says dont ask for sites, so where can i get a little help?

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    Asking for help in this forum is fine..but for invites you need to use the
    "BitTorrent Invites Section".

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    Well the first thing you will need is a BitTorrent client which will handle your downloading and uploading (seeding). I would recommend uTorrent which you can download here:

    If you are brand new to BitTorrent you need to read the various guides to have a basic understanding of how it works. You also need to know the difference between Private Trackers and Public Trackers.

    On a public tracker anyone can download and there is no requirement to share. So generally the download speeds are not that good.

    On a private tracker you are required to share what you have downloaded....thats called seeding/uploading. The usual requirement is seeding to 1:1 or at least 72 hours. So speeds are usually much quicker. If you don't keep a decent ratio you get kicked out.

    Not all private trackers require invites. Have a look at this thread:

    Other than that you might want to try a public tracker. If so try

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    Look into a utility called PeerGuardian

    There are varying opinions on how much it protects you and whether you even really need it, but in my opinion it's worth your while.
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    If you dont want to go public and want private....i suggest you register at something like becasue they have lots of goods.
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    Go with prviate trackers!


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