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Thread: Router issues

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    i have a Dlink DI-524. it's linked to a motorola 5100 (black cable modem). i've only seen this recently when i got my laptop (dell e1505). i use wifi G with my laptop. the router stops working after a few hours! it just disconnects or resets. this never happened before when i plugged a ethernet cable into my desktop with this router. then i have to disconnect the power and leave it for a few minutes and plug it back. the reset doesn't do anything

    the router's usually hot soon after it's plugged in. could that be the problem??

    this is already an improvement over my old motorola router. that thing just doesn't work 80% of the time

    are there routers that don't have this overheating problem?? it's really annoying when you're downloading or in a game online

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    I haven't had a moment's problem with my Edimax modem/router, although I'm not using the wireless facility at the moment. Just put my hand on the case, it's slightly above ambient temperature.

    The "dropout after high temps" seems to be a common problem, and probably because they all use the same chip family. Whether it's related to the Wifi chip I don't know, but if it was I can't see why the whole router would have problems.
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    Check if there is newer firmware from the router manufacturer.
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    well, the latest is from 12/05, and i bought this a few months ago

    this doesn't happen if it's plugged in using ethernet cable.

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    Call Dlink...1-800-326-1688, have model/serial#, explain symptoms, be specific.

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    Try a differnet router for few days.If it works ok the is propablysomething worng with the router. Most propably a cappasitor. Open the router and check if any of the cappasitors on the board is blown


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