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Thread: Max Payne

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    I have just downloaded my first game from kazaa but cant get it too work! It was downloaded as a winace extractor.

    It installs on my computer but says 2 files where missing then when i run it, it says exception in engineInit:unable to read data from "".

    Any suggestions?

    (Im new at the downloading game by the way&#33

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    yes ive got a suggestion

    use the verifieds section and that will be the end of fake or invalid files

    there is a max payne on this board just use the search option

    fuck Derby County

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    Theres a file somewhere on kazaa called 'max payne works perfect' or something like that, getta hold of that one.
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    ive also had a problem with that i got the good version but i got win xp pro and wen it comes to loading to the main menu it jus crashes and i got the patch and no cd crack yet it still does it any help????

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    I have Xp Pro, never got a problem with that
    I downloaded the same file


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