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Thread: Hacker Coalition Releases Lawsuit Proof P2P

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    Hacker Coalition Releases Lawsuit Proof P2P System

    The Digital Douwd has challenged the media giants by releasing its Owner-Free Filing System. The new system is purported to be immune from the consumer lawsuits that have plagued previous P2P systems. While the creators do not contend the fact that copyright laws exist, they do maintain that OFF System peers don't actually break any of those laws.

    Closing letter to
    the Copyright Industry Associations of America
    the Digital Douwd


    Mark today on your calendar! They will need it for your obituary. Today is the day our future began and your future ended.

    For three years now you have pursued your lawsuit campaign. Twenty thousand plus consumers, a dozen companies, and several very prominent friends of ours have fallen victim to your charade. We hoped you would see the obvious foolishness of your ways. Now, however, it appears clear that your shenanigans have gone on too long—You have begun deposing bereaved families of the deceased.

    This can not stand. This will not stand. You will not stand. And from this day forward, your manipulative copyright claims will have no standing.

    Today is the day we end all of your problems with consumer copyright infringement. For from today forward, consumers have no need for copies, infringing or otherwise. One common copy is all that is needed. One copy for everyone. Accessible forever.

    Today we announce a massively distributed copy-less file system. A place where all content is available instantly, anonymously and to everyone, without breaking any laws. Today we announce the Owner-Free File System. An island of sanity in your sea of madness.

    Feel free to monitor OFF’s communications. You’ll find no copying. Subpoena a few servers. You’ll find nothing that belongs to you. Only bits of randomness. This new internet infrastructure is truly a place without ownership. Nobody owns the OFF System. Nobody owns bits of randomness collected in the OFF System. There is beauty in randomness. As with all things beautiful, randomness’ value lies in the eye of the beholder. There is no intrinsic meaning in randomness but an infinite amount of extrinsic value. And behold that value we will.

    This is not a threat. This is not a negotiation. This is the future—A future with no one to sue.

    Adapt or die.

    The Digital Douwd

    Download Link:

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    Great news. I would love to see their faces
    Well written letter, it seems like a speech from the Matrix series

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    "Adapt or Die" I'm lovin' it, but not sure what good it'll do.
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    so it's newsgroups but encrypted and never kept all at a single source

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    Interesting...anyone tried it out yet? I'm def going to check this out as it's somthing new. not so sure about a lawsuitless filesharing system though...

    EDIT: I dl it and am trying to give it a go. though so far none of my searches are getting results I read that all the nodes are swamped so maybe that's the prob but we'll see if anyone has any sugestions I'd appriciate it
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    Will be very interesting to watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GepperRankins View Post
    so it's newsgroups but encrypted and never kept all at a single source
    It's not quite that simple. Instead of files, they're many blocks of randomly generated data. Also, the link to download a file isn't really a link, it's directions on how to use the blocks to form the file you want.

    The concept is brilliant if you ask me. It also lays any copyright issues at the feet of the downloader and not the server because the only thing on the server is completely random. It's the downloader who figured out how to turn it into copyrighted material.

    The following is from "starting OFF_rev.txt" :

    What is off?

    This is a question that will be asked a lot, so i'll put the answer in this guide.

    OFF stands for Owner Free Filesystem this is because of the unique way files inserted
    into the system are stored. Once you store a file, it no longer is just one file.
    It is broken up into blocks which are then randomly combined with existing blocks
    to form new blocks. These are then saved and the block they were dirived from is
    disgarded. Each block eventually becomes part of multiple files, as you insert
    more files into your cache. No one block can be attributed to belonging to anyone
    file, as such they become owner free, no-one can claim ownership over any block.

    It is important to note that the original datastream from the file is *not*
    present as OFF blocks - but can be obtained by xoring together certain blocks
    from the system.

    How does this help?

    Since no block can be owned by anyone, its totally legal to distribute these blocks,
    on their own they do nothing however when combined with other blocks they form files.
    However, *and this is the important bit*, a given block will lead to many different files
    depending upon which other blocks it is combined with. Only the downloader knows
    which uses they intend to put that block to.

    This takes the liability off the uploader for distributing files copyrighted by
    others. Therefore, a law is only broken when someone retrieves a copyrighted file
    from the system. It is, of course, not difficult to ensure that any given block
    has many uses which lead to public domain or otherwise freely distributable files.
    We have coined the term 'brightnet' to describe this type of system.


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