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Thread: Help w/ downloading headers

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    Apr 2006
    I am using newsleecher and have newshosting as my service.
    when i look at a group, for example newsleecher says it has 18,000 headers, i download them, click on the group and click "articles" and i see ~18,000 articles, sounsd about right.
    But with other groups, for example alt.binaries.beatles
    it says it has 362,280 headers to download, it downloads them and then when i click on "articles" for that group, i get about 5400 articles, where are the rest of those headers i downloaded?

    EDIT problem persists, w/ the group alt.binaries.dvd.ntsc, when i subscribe to that group it says it has 90,000 headers, i download them click on articles and see 107 files, mostly pieces of the same file.
    what is the deal w/ this.

    Any help would be appreciated
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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    Im guessing this is due to the fact pictures generally are not made up of multiple parts. Check any large rar file in newsleecher and you will see it is made up of multiple parts. There is a colum that says parts 22 of 22 and such. each file is made up of 22 headers you will see why the numbers are not adding up.

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    Thankyou very much for clearing this up.
    Was extreamly confused and questioning my news server and news reader.
    Do you know of any detailed usenet guides besides the one at slyck? I don't wann bother you guys every day w/ a new n00b question

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    The info at Slyck is as good as it gets and of course you can read the pin in this section.
    As for asking n00b question feel free to ask away when you want...


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