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Thread: SX invites available

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    Hey all - I'm the main coder for Status-X, is an invite-only, games-only tracker with super-fast release times on new games, lots of uploaders handling requests for older games, and TONS of custom-coded enhancements which make it different than any other tracker around. Here's a message from the site's owner, Hellraiser, that sums thing up pretty nicely:

    Ok guys, I'm the owner of So who am I and why a new site? Well, I'll tell you. For two years now I have been a top uploader & sysop for another site where it was the same old story - money, money, money. Anything from giving X-amount of GB for your donation to telling all the users at the end of each the month that the site would shut down if a certain amount was not donated, knowing damn well they had already taken in more than enough from the users to pay for the cost of the server. It was all about making money and I just got sick of seeing something I called my hobby being abused in this way.

    I decided to put up a games only site. The site does new games as well as old-skool games (our uploaders take requests, too). The first thing you will notice if you decide to join is that there is no PayPal button or donation plea on the site. I'm not out here to make money. I do this as this is a hobby and I want to make one of the best game sites out there period. Another thing you will notice is that we have a low-leech bonus system which gives you credit toward both the torrent and your overall ratio when you're seeding but nobody is leeching, so your ratio will climb regardless. As a result, it's always possible to seed a torrent back to a ratio of 1.0. Here's how it works:

    * The Status-X low-leech bonus gives you credit at the rate of 0.75GB/day when a torrent's ratio of seeders to leechers climbs above 20:1. This means that if there are 41 seeds and 2 leeches, the credit is active. If there are no leechers, it's active no matter how many seeders there are.

    * The bonus is calculated and recorded when your client updates the tracker. By default, this is set to every 30 minutes. In order for the bonus to be recorded, there must be 2 updates in a row that meet the 20:1 requirement. At that point, the bonus is calculated based on the amount of time between updates.

    * If you have more than one torrent in low-leech bonus mode, the bonus bandwidth is split evenly among them. In other words, if you have 3 torrents bonus seeding, they each get .25GB/day. Bonus bandwidth gets split up just as if it were real bandwidth.

    * If you see all the leechers drop off of a torrent you're seeding, you can make the bonus start coming in a little sooner by doing a manual update of your client.

    Right now we have about 1700+ users and I and we are two months old, so I have closed the doors and membership is now by invitation only!

    What I'm looking for is users that know how to share what they take. I'm also looking for some uploaders that are willing to help out to make this one of the best site out there!
    If you think you might like to come check out the site just PM me your email addy and I will be more than happy to send you a invite. (hotmail & yahoo addresses won't work)
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    I am already a member at SX Its really cool site with nice releases

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    Hey man, sounds cool and id reallly like to be invited


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    is SX down or something because when i open it, i get a blank page

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    22ji - the site has been up for 8 weeks solid without even a reboot, but it won't accept incoming connections from taiwan or korea since too many users try to proxy in from there to try to pull a fast one. If you're proxying in from one of those places, try something else.

    V1 - I see you're in already, and ruvard, invite sent.

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    Feedback on the site has been much appreciated - glad you guys like it!

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    BTW, the requirements for invites have changed just a little. If you'd like one, PM me with a screenshot of your ratio on another torrent site AND your email address. Note: yahoo, hotmail, & aol addys won't work.


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